Beaphar Salmon Oil for Dog and Cats 425 ml

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  • Helps in Improving the Heart & Bone Joints of Your Pet
  • Works as an Energy Booster
  • Keeps Coat and Skin in Optimum
  • Suitable For Both Dogs and Cats

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Beaphar Salmon Oil is a delicious natural supplement suitable for dogs and cats, derived from sustainable fisheries. It is naturally rich in omega 6 and omega 3 oils, which means it is a good source of essential fatty acids.The health benefits of such nutrients are widely recognized by pet nutritionists. Regular use of Beaphar Salmon Oil is recommended to help your pet maintain a healthy skin condition, free from itchy, flaky patches. It will also help your pet naturally develop a thick, lustrous coat. Some pet owners find it a good way of increasing the palatability of their pet's normal dry food.