Aquarium Heater

Aquarium Heater for Fish & Aquatic Animals, which provides healthy and safe abode to your pet fish. You can adjust the temperature as per the convenience of your fish from a range of 20-32°Celsius by our Aquarium Heater.

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    Aqua One Glass Aquarium Heater (55 W)Aqua One Glass Aquarium Heater (55 W)

    Aqua One Glass Aquarium Heater (55 W)

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    This is a glass water heater is safe and suitable to be used for both salt and fresh water aquariums . They have an adjustable temperature range between 20-34 degree Celsius. Aqua One Glass Heater is 20.5cm in length and heats up tanks up to 55Liters. This economical heater is completely submersible and is fitted with double insulation. It includes suction cups and clips with a power indicator lamp.

    • Ideal Heater For Up To 55Liter Tank, Length of Heater is 20.5 cm.
    • Large Temperature Range 20 to 34 Degree Celsius.
    • Completely Submersible And is Fitted With Double Insulation.
    • Safe and Suitable To Be Used For Both Salt and Freshwater Aquariums.
    • Waterproof Double Insulation And Includes Suction Cups and Clips With a Power Indicator Lamp.


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