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  • Dophin Turtle Ladder Turtle Rest Platform

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    Dophin Turtle Ladder Turtle Rest Platform

    Dophin turtle ladder is perfect as turtle bask and come with a compact design. Place anywhere you like to decorate your turtle tank and increase the joy of turtle keeping. Key features: strong and stable ladder with 4 high quality suction cups, easy to clean and maintain moderate slope and natural sward make your turtle feel at home half an hour of sun bask every day is essential for your turtle match the turtle’s bask nature so as to ease your turtle and strengthen its physique sward is flexible to replace the adequate water level is 3/4 of your turtle length. Turtle tank accessories specification directions get the sward wet make 4 suction cups in place fix well the 4 suction cups into turtle ladder holes choose a location that you like to fix turtle ladder clean the turtle ladder before placing in turtle tank regularly use a soft brush to clean sward, easy to do cleaning.


    • Turtle Basking and Rest Platform
    • Strong & stable ladder with 4 high-quality suction cups
    • Easy to clean & maintain
    • Moderate slope and natural sward make your turtle feel at home
    • Match the turtle’s bask nature so as to ease your turtle and strengthen its physique

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  • Dophin Floating Rock For Aquarium Decorations

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    Dophin Floating Rock  For Aquarium Decorations

    This is an aquarium floating rock, it will float on water for decoration. You can tie the sucker with the rope of the pumice, then dragged into the water, make the sucker griped the bottom of the tank to build the suspension landscape. The pumice surface has many holes and can contact large area, so it can absorb the water harmful bacteria and heavy metals, not only conducive to plants climbing and take root but also conducive to the fish grow, can also provide fertilizer for the plants. This is Made of high-quality resin, corrosion resistance and non-polluting, non-radioactive, etc. The suspended stones are eco-friendly products for fish. The stone surface with green simulation moss offers the natural environment feeling.

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    Deebow D53 Super Energy-Saving Aquarium Light

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    Deebow D53 Super Energy-Saving Aquarium Light Innovative ultra-thin LED Aquarium Stand For a variety of fish tank, such as tank plants, ornamental fish tanks, seawater tanks. This is an Energy-Efficient, Low-Carbon Environment, Durable, Long Life, Imported Chip, Ultra Low Power. Power is small, but very bright & very energy saving. Saving 75% of electricity let you spend the least, enjoy the best results. This is Suitable For 20-30CM Length Aquarium.

    • LED Lamp Number of Light 30 (3 blue & 27 white lights)
    • Dimensions (without stand): 18.5 X 7 X 1.2CM (LXWXH)
    • Total Power: 4W
    • Input Voltage: 220V
    • Output Voltage: 12v
    • Saving 75% of Electricity Let You Spend The Least, Enjoy The Best Results.

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  • Sobo LED Fountain Submersible Pump

    Sobo LED Fountain Submersible Pump LED-5800FP

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    • Ideal For Pond & Waterfall Setups.
    • Slimmer Design Combining High-Performance Output With Quiet Operation.
    • Has a Durable Ceramic Shaft To Suit Both Marine & Freshwater Aquariums.
    • The Pump is Fully Sealed With The Plastic Injection Cover For Added Safety.
    • Bright, Interchanging LED Lights Which Adds a Magical Touch To Your Decor.
    • Specifications: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz, Power 45W, H.Max: 3M, F.Max: 3500L/H.

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Aquarium Decor