Dog Training & Behavior Aids

Pet Club India offers you different types of Dog Training & Behavior Aids for your dog. You can choose based on your requirements. For example, if your dog tends to lick a body part. Or area that you don’t want him to because he is hurt for some other reason. You can buy the Dog Anti Lick Bitter Cherry Spray. There is also a special spray known as Puppy Potty Toilet Training Aid. Which will lure your dog into urinating and going potty in the place. Where you want him to and not where he wants to.

In fact, other training aids include Dog Repellent Gel, Karlie Puppy potty pad. In addition to being unpleasant in smell and appearance, dog urine residue can result in repeated incidents and cause bacterial growth if it is not successfully removed. Make your home safe and comfortable for your family and your favorite canine with the regular use of wipes.


For outdoor cleanup, you can browse through the many dog poop bag, poop scooper and waste disposal systems available. By making dog waste pick up a part of your dog care routine, you will be better able to keep your yard and neighborhood clean and dog odor free. From deodorizing powders and lawn care products to foaming dog stain removal products, available on Pet Club India, without depending on chemicals that are harmful to your family or your dog. Pet Club India, is an Online pet shop really care for love pet dogs, so they can deliver the dog grooming products across India without creating much hassle, as per requirement of different type of dog products like dog training aid, dog training supply, obedience training supplies, dog spray and dog pads etc. with the help of highly expertise supply team, it delivers all the dog products at your door steps.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results