Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover,   Because proper dog hygiene is vital when maintaining good family and dog health, many dog parents do what it takes to keep their homes, dog houses and yards free from dog hair. This lint and hair remover of hello is best product for all types of hairs of your pets. It provides you the best way to remove hair from carpet, furniture and more. Also this lint remover can be easily washed using soap and water. This lint remover can be used for all surfaces without using the water. As we know that regular brushing of your dogs enhances the healthy circulation and automatically its shine increases. This hello lint remover is developed especially for dogs of above 45 lbs. It is considered as ideal hair and lint remover as it removes hair from all medium, long, curly and wiry coats.

The lint roller is so ergonomically designed that it provides you the great extent of comfort. It is equipped with the plastic handle that offers you the best grip. Also this lint roller is wrapped with sticky paper on the top of its handle. This sticky paper helps to pick the lose hair of your pet very precisely.

About us

Pet Club India, is an Online pet shop really care for love pet dogs, so they can deliver the dog grooming products across India without creating much hassle, as per requirement of different type of dog products like dog lint roller and dog grooming etc. with the help of highly expertise supply team, it delivers all the dog grooming products at your door steps. It also covers all important dog hair remover & dog grooming products on demand with the help of highly expertise supply team. They deliver all the useful products of highly reputed brands on your demand.

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Showing all 4 results