Pet Mouth Freshening Spray

Pet Mouth Freshening Spray,  Freshen your dog’s breath and clean those teeth, too, with Liquid Oral Care from Pet Club India. Simply add to your pup’s daily water supply to help fight plaque and tartar that can build up on your dog’s teeth. This will also help your preventing yellowing of your pet’s teeth with regular use. You can spray this on all you pets mouth to maintain oral hygiene. This comes in a spearmint flavor making it very palatable for your pet. It is especially useful for those pets who do not take medicine easily. This spray helps to maintain the teeth and prevents formation of plaque and tartar on teeth.

This Basil Mouth Freshening Spray (Cinnamon) is alcohol-free and is made with all natural ingredients which helps to freshen breath, cleans teeth & gums, leaving your pet’s mouth healthy, smelling fresh and clean. Innovative spray will help you to doger to a lot of issues with just one product. It will maintain a fresh breath and remove all odors from your dog’s breath. This will also help your preventing yellowing of your pets teeth with regular use.

Online Pet Shop

Pet Club India cares for all loveable pets, so they deliver the different dog products without creating hassle; It also covers the requirement of all different dog products like dog mouth freshning and dog tooth brush, Basil Mouth Freshening Spray (Cinnamon) dog perfume. This is the top online pet shop that offers all the quality products, they provide the best dog accessories products like dog tooth brush and dog mouth cleaner. It provides highly expertise supply chain system and it delivers all the dog products of highly reputed brands at your door steps with short time. They provide all the different type of dog products as per the age and breed of your dogs.

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