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Hair brush offers at Pet Club India is very useful Dog Brushes & Combs for pets. In fact, after bath they need to be properly brush as they look well groomed. Pet Club India is the top online pet shop that offers all the quality products; they provide the best dog accessories products like dog soaps online. Pet Club India cares for all love pets, so they deliver the different products without creating hassle; it also covers the as per requirement of different dog products like best natural dog soaps and Dog Brush, Dog Comb, Dog Groomer, Online Dog Brush & Comb, Flea Dog Comb, Dog Brushes & Combs. They provide all the different type of dog products as per the age and breed of your dogs. Hair Brush is manufactured for your long haired dog and Cat.


The Double sided brush offers a bristle side for removing dust and the protected steel pin side to smooth the hair. Keeping your dog well groomed is important not only to preserve its clean, soft looks, but is also crucial to helping maintain the health of its skin and coat. In addition to clearing his coat of unsightly tangles, snags and mats, grooming brushes help gently spread his natural skin oils throughout the whole coat while picking up dirt, grime, and even nasty parasites like fleas and lice. This helps restore your dog’s natural sheen, provides relief to irritated areas of skin, and helps keep him free of those pesky pests.

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This brush adds sheen to the coat and massages the dog’s skin. This Dog Brushes & Combs also helps to remove any loose hair or dirt found in the dog’s coat. The Curry brush is an excellent starting and finishing tool for a wide variety of breeds. This brush is great for daily brushing of your cat or dog. The finger-fitting contours of the handle increase your comfort and control.

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Showing 1–12 of 26 results