About Us

Pet Club India – Your Window To Pet Care

About us:  With this website, we try to unite and create a family of pet-lovers, facilitators (Vets, Trainers, Pet Shops, Pet Lodges, Welfare Association etc.) and their support systems so that the day to day issues and pleasures of the pet lovers and owners can be shared and a helping hand can be extended in case of any problems related to our four-legged canine friends.

Who We Are? – Introduction to Pet Club India

We are a bunch of pet lovers who have started this website in order to acknowledge the worth of our furry friends, who makes our lives complete and meaningful. Through Pet Club India, we are trying to create an information portal by which every pet lover can be assisted in any type of problem; he/she is facing with our beloved friends. We thoroughly try to provide the best possible information related with pets. We hope that through this website, we will be able to bring a change in beliefs of society towards our canine friends, which includes both pets and strays.

  • Started as an information portal in 2009, PCI has now become the primary networking platform for all pet lovers and vets.
  • PCI is Royal Canin’s online partner helping Royal Canin resolve its consumer queries online and facilitate online dog food sales.
  • PCI has built a consumer base of over 10000 pet owners who benefit from promotions and offers, weekly articles, newsletters about various products thus creating awareness of various things happening in and around the pet industry.
  • PCI has a dedicated team of experienced vets to resolve pet owners queries
  • PCI provides consultancy on buying the right pet in sync with the customer’s lifestyle as well as providing day to day solutions to any and every pet query.

Our Vision

Pet Club India is intended to be the epicenter for all pet lovers, vets, pet shops, pet lodges, pet trainers, breeders, pet food and all accessories. Pet Club India has the vision of becoming the most preferred platform for the various pet communities across India.

Vision towards the Industry: Pet Club India intends to provide a cost effective platform for the industry to promote their products and to get a direct feedback from the pet owners helping them to create even better products and services.

Vision towards Pet Owners: Pet Club India aims to provide a one stop platform for pet owners to solve their day to day needs. Pet Club India aims to create a social networking platform where pet owners can solve their everyday issues and share ideas with other pet owners. We also aim to create different online and offline platform so that pet owners can gather and participate in different activities thereby uniting pet lovers together. We aim to provide pet owners with information and awareness of different products and also help them in getting the most suitable product for their pet with the best possible schemes and offers

What this Website offers

A networking platform for pet lovers and owners, Vets, Trainers, Breeders, Pet Shops, Pet Lodges , Welfare Association.

  • Regular updates with features such as articles, pictures, videos and wallpapers. Provides information on bringing up your pet and their respective vaccination schedules.
  • Special Offers and discounts for our registered members.
  • Separate blogs for Vets and Users for sharing information and queries.
  • An online medical journal, where pet owners can maintain an online log of their pet’s medical history. One can also set vaccination reminders and alerts.
  • Regular Contests like Picture of the Week, where winners are awarded by special gifts.

For now, the website is mainly oriented towards dog as pets and is coming up soon with a dedicated section on cats. We eagerly look forward to your valuable suggestions and insights as we expand the site to help in Pet Parenting