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The Australian Terrier, called an 'Aussie' by his admirers (although he's not to be confused with an Australian Shepherd), is a small terrier with upright ears and a rough, shaggy coat. He is the littlest of the working terriers, but don't let his size fool you.


The Australian Terrier is believed to be descended from a dog known as the Rough-Coated Terrier, a relative of the old Scotch dog of Great Britain. Breed researchers have some consensus of opinion that this Terrier was crossed with other British Terriers who were brought to Australia,

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After acquiring her B.V.Sc & A.H. degree, she went to the USA, where she completed externships in Neurology. She specialises in small animal internal medicine and has practiced with various NGOs in India. She has a special interest in exotic pets.

Dr. Prerna Thadani

My association continues till today in small animal practice. My special love for equines is satisfied via my attachment to Delhi Race Course/ club. Born to a veterinarian father and having both sons in the same field is like a dream fulfilled.

Dr. Man Mohan Sharma

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Here is a directory on breeds of dogs. This list gives you details on characteristics and physical attributes of available breeds of dogs in India. We hope that this list will help you understand which breed of dog you'd like to keep and help you identify the best breeds of dogs suitable for you.